Winner of Versatile Blogger Award

The nicest awards to win are always those received from fellow comrades as you both understand and appreciate the hard efforts that go into you work. With football being such a huge part of my life the best award I could ever receive was the ‘players player of the season’ as you’re selected by your fellow team mates.

90 minutes

RJC winning the Cyril Anekstein Cup final

To receive the Versatile Blogger award by a fellow blogger is also as rewarding so a huge thanks to Ashley and Alex from ‘In Pursuit of Adventure’.

As part of the award I have to tell Ashley and Alex 7 things about me, now this is tough  as I think I’m pretty ‘normal’ despite my blog call “Why Am I different?” so where do I start:

  1. OCD – its been said I’m a little particular..but I like to see this as a positive characteristic.
  2. Competitive – especially when it comes to sports, I’m not the quickest or most skilful of players but my determination and enjoyment of a ‘crunching’ tackle normally gets me through…as well as injured.
  3. Food – I have a problem when it comes to food as want to try everything and will never learn when to stop, alike my friend Greg.
  4. Espresso Martini – without doubt my favourite drink and could be substituted for your morning intake of caffeine, although I wouldn’t recommend it #disclaimer.
  5. Steak – if it’s on the menu I can rarely look at any other option.
  6. I love getting into bed, despite my travelling and adventurous nature you can’t beat a good film in bed.
    To be happy in what we do, is to do what makes us happy!

    To be happy in what we do, is to do what makes us happy!

  7. My life is about my friends and family; you can see all the places in the world but without them it wouldn’t mean anything…
Where would we be without friends and family

Where would we be without friends and family


And finally here are my 15 nominations for blogs to checkout, which I have chosen based on their photography, writing and creativity:

Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award


Sorry if I forgot anyone…its 11pm and I’m cream crackered in Negombo, Sri Lanka and according to clause 6.0 its time to get into bed…TRAVEL SAFE ;}


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  1. Els

    Congrats with the award! Espresso martini? Never heard of it, but hey, I like espresso and I definitely like Martini so looks like I’ll have to try this in the near future!! :-)

  2. Dave Cole

    Thanks, Brad – very honored! Also nice to learn more about you. It looks like we share the same love for food in general and steak in specific. Hope our travels intersect in Argentina once day for a parrillada.

  3. Stacey Veikalas @Baskets Life

    Congratulations on the award, well done! Our life also revolves around sports, but its basketball – so I totaly get you there. I sooo love Espresso martinis’ its like my favorite drink – You are the first person I have ever seen to also love it – we are like family now LOL

  4. Lauren

    It was great to read about you like this! Espresso martini you say? I’ve never tried one but I do love both of those things….so combined? I will have to try it!

  5. Susan

    Hey Brad! Looks like you have had a fun and awesome time traveling and enjoying life with friends and family, can’t wait to hear more about all of your adventures! Congrats about winning the Versatile Award and thank you for the nomination! Happy Travels!!

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