“Travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer” – anonymous

What do you think? What makes you richer?

Firstly, I can’t believe how long its been since I last wrote, I suppose with so much going on its difficult to find the time: Work, Life, Love, Family, Friends, Health and Fitness (last two have probably been slightly on hold) but by the time we fit all of this in to one day its time for a bit of crap TV and time to hit the hay.

However, I was working on some Flooglebinder images, this one in particular and it really got me thinking…

Vietnam Market

Fish Lady

Firstly it got me thinking just how lucky we are and then it also made me realise how lucky we are to have the option to travel. We get to experience some of the most amazing places, meet the most incredible people and learn about new cultures, new environments and new ways of life. When it comes to travel a huge ‘industry keyword’ is sustainability, and we talk about being sustainable in our own environment, whether at work or home, but its not until you explore some of these remote locations that you really get to understand the importance, and necessity, of sustainability. Without this level of resourcefulness some of these communities wouldn’t even be able to function let alone survive. We take so much for granted, from turning on a light switch, to running a tap for water, yet some communities don’t have such luxuries. Next time you do these simple things have a think about those that can’t and next time you think of planning a trip, research into the local communities and find out if there is anyway that you can help. Here are few tips for Sustainable Travel if you want to read further: Top 10 Sustainable Travel Tips.

The ‘riches’ that we get from travel will be far greater than any money that we earn, as it’s these experiences that make us who we are today. Bob said it so well when being interviewed by George Negus in 1979:

“possessions make you rich? i don’t have that kind of richness. my richness is life, forever.” – Bob Marley


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