Travel fundraising ideas

Travel Fundraising ideas

Travel fundraising ideas…

Before we talk about fundraising ideas the first thing we need to do is look at our current spending. It’s amazing how quickly we can save when we look at the little things:

Coffee – are you a big coffee drinker? If so, invest in a flask and make one at home and take it with you on your commute to work/school.
Eat breakfast at home – a big hearty breakfast, like porridge, is a cheap and filling option. As a low GI food it will also have a slower, longer lasting, release of energy.
Packed lunch– preparing your food at home can save heaps and is so easy to do. Simply cook a little extra for dinner and pack up the leftovers for lunch. Most of the time it even tastes better the day after and always keep a few bananas and apples around, just don’t forget about them.
Clothes – do you really need the new brands and labels? They’ll be out of fashion next season, so stick to plain, reliable brands that are timeless.
Going out– movie nights in are so much more comfortable then sitting in the cinema and I’ve heard there are ways to get the newest releases 😉
Memberships– still paying an unused gym membership or magazine subscription? Or other monthly bill that you think you could give up. It’s worth the sacrifice!

Now you’ve calculated your weekly savings and know how much you can accumulate from now until your departure, how much more do you need to raise? Here are some travel fundraising ideas to help you reach your target…

eBayany old stuff floating around? Get rid of it and make some money.
Bake off everyone loves cakes, so get your cook on!

Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie

Everyone loves a good old Banoffee Pie and its so easy:

– crumble up some digestives,

– add the caramel, 

– add the whipping cream, and then,

– cover in sliced banana and a sprinkle of flake. leave to set in the fridge.

Tip: coat the banana in lemon juice so they don’t go brown 😉

Sponsorship run, cycle, swim, bungee, sky dive, plenty of options to help bring some funds in.
BBQ everyone also loves a BBQ so weather permitting get friends and family to buy a ticket and put on a little spread. You’ll be surprised how much you can raise from a few burgers and sausages.
Dog walkingno one wants to walk their dogs in the cold and rain but if it’s worth your while, be prepared to get hold of the lead and earn some cash.
Cinema night popcorn is a cheap as it comes, along with a few bottles of fizzy drinks and a couch you have yourself a pretty good cinema setup.
Party just make sure it doesn’t go viral and keep it an invite only event, after all that’s where your money will come from.
Cleaningfrom houses to windows and cars, if it needs to be cleaned grab and bucket and sponge, and get knocking.
Once you put your mind to it, there are many ways to make money, just make sure you don’t spend it…stay away from shops, amazon and anything else that will tempt you. Think how far that extra £20 will go in Asia…that’s a day’s budget!

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