Top Travel tips when trekking

Top travel tips when trekking…

Top travel tips when trekking…

  • Sweat rag; anything from an old t-shirt, bandana, scarf, small towel, something to tie around your neck or head can be used for many things; keep you warm at night, protect you from the sun in the heat of the day, use to wash at fresh water streams and most of the day wipe the sweat from your brow.
  • Flip flops – so nice after a tough day of trekking. As rewarding as trekking can be, there is nothing better than reaching your stop for the night and taking off your trekking shoes, remember to jump in the shower or stream as soon as you arrive, whilst you’re still hot as you’ll cool down quite quickly if high up and slip into your flip flops.
  • Water bottle and chlorine tablets; fresh water from a waterfall can be so refreshing and usually readily available.
  • Spare batteries; electricity can be tough to find so try to find out if there is electricity on your route, such as many of the tea houses in the Annapurna Range, but if trekking through Himachal Pradesh and camping you wont be so fortunate. So make sure you have enough batteries to get you through. Keep smart phones charged full before you depart but leave only for either emergencies or those last pictures when your camera runs out.
  • Head torch – a necessity, can be quite scary how dark it gets in the middle of nowhere, especially if the moon isn’t around and there’s cloud cover, so vital to keep on you at all times, even if just walking 10 yards back to the tent or toilet etc – a spare hand torch is also a good idea.
  • Sun cream –when you’re walking for 7/8hrs a day even if cloudy, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can burn and putting on your back pack the following day wont be so comfortable…so either carry sun cream or wear long sleeves.
  • Trousers with detachable legs – even if high up, it gets pretty hot in the height of the day so you may want to wear shorts but to avoid changing if you face some thick vegetation, spikes, thorns, nettles or insects, such as leeches, you may want to have trouser legs that you can carry and quickly attach.

Every now and then i’ll keep posting a variety of Top Travel Tips to help you plan, prepare and enjoy your experience. If there is anything I haven’t covered or anything you want to ask or add please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Travel safe ;}

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