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The best way to take money overseas…currency card!

Caxton fx currency card
Don’t want to carry too much cash but afraid to get stung by bank fees?

Its horrible when you get home from a nice holiday, already spending more than you anticipated for that extra little treat, but then you discover that you were charged multiple fees for the transaction. It’s certainly a pet hate of mine – being charged to spend my own money!

Last year at the Destinations Holiday and Travel Show, at Olympia, I came across Caxton fx who are a leading travel money card and international payment provider. In short, load your money onto a card and spend it without the hefty fees. I’ll let them explain how they work and the finer details so I can tell you about my personal experience as a user.
  1. Setting up the currency card is really easy and I went for the Global Traveller Currency Card as was travelling outside of the Euro and Dollar zone. It is good to talk to someone when making these decisions and I found them very helpful on the phone and by email.
  2. Keep your account ID safe, as you’ll need this for the app. It may also kick you out now and then, if your phone resets or you update it and back it up regularly, which I recommend as a traveller.
  3. Download the app – as well as bank fee’s you don’t want to incur phone carrier charges, so whilst you can call or text to ‘load’ the card I prefer to use the app via wi-fi which doesn’t cost a thing. You do need to have a good signal as being an authorised transaction it can be slow, if wi-fi is bad, so make sure you top up before an off-road trip, or if you’re going to be away from civilisation for a few days. You can also use the auto top-up feature just like your oyster card.
  4. Withdraw or spend – it really is that easy. Being a Visa card it is excepted almost everywhere and you don’t need to worry about extra fees whether you’re withdrawing money internationally or using it over the counter.
Caxton fx App
Finally, one of the things I like about the currency card most is that you don’t need to pull out large sums as it’s all based on a percentage. Previously, I would withdraw large sums off regular cards to make the fee ‘feel worthwhile’ but then I’d be worried to carry around such large sums, especially in some of the countries I’ve travelled too. With the Global Traveller Currency Card if I pull out 100 Thai Baht or 1 million Vietnamese Dong I know its going to be approximately 3% of the GBP conversion total. For Example:
1,000,000 Vietnamese Dong = £30.93 GBP (according to XE Currency)
3% of 30.93 = 0.93
So 1 million Dong will cost me approximately 93p to withdraw and will get you approximately 50 Vietnamese Coffees….So enjoy but don’t ask for extra sugar 😉
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