Muay Thai training in Thailand

Muay Thai training in Thailand is one of my favourite holidays – its doesn’t sound like much of a holiday to some but you’ll be surprised how enjoyable it is.

I get a little bored sitting on the beach and being on an island like Koh Tao, sometimes you need a break away from diving. There are plenty of activities to do there from Yoga, trekking, paddle boarding, kayaking, rock climbing, trapeze, capoiera and plenty more, and the beauty is that everything is so easy to organise.

I’ve been training on and off now for 7 years and always get over excited when I return and injure myself in the first few days. So my first piece of advice is, go easy and have plenty of massages to iron out all those little niggles. You can train at 8am or 4pm, and although 4pm can be a great time to get comfy with a cocktail for sunset, you’ll have a lot more energy and you’re done by 5/530pm so still time to get down to the beach but this time you’ll feel like you’ve earned it 😉

Second piece of advice is buy some rehydration salts – you’ll be sweating through out the day as it is, if you’re not used to the heat, so make sure you replace all those salts after training and drink lots and LOTS of water to avoid feeling ‘rubbish’ the following day, especially if you’re going out for a few drinks. Not ‘out out’ just ‘out’ as you have training tomorrow 😉

Finally, just enjoy it and see how you go….it might not be for you but if like me you love it, you’ll find yourself there twice a day and training for a fight before you know it.



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