Yoga in the Himalayas

Getting back to it…

My journey with Yoga began about ten years ago, as a result of football injuries but I wasn’t consistent and never really got to reap the rewards. However, last year I really got into Bikram Yoga at Bikram Yoga Essex and it made an unbelievable difference to my every day life. I won’t bore you with it too much but if you want to read more about my experiences click on the red words above! In short, I had an excruciating pain in my neck, plus the stress of setting up a new business, so my yoga time was the perfect place to heal my body and rest my mind

As much as I love travelling there are two things I hate:

  1. Mosquitoes – I have tried every DEET product out there and even drunk Gin as recommended by my dad but later discovered it’s actually the Quinin in the tonic that deters them and the levels aren’t as high as they use to be. So shots of Gin may help you sleep but wont fight off the most-annoying-little-things on this planet.
  2. Training routine – its hard to keep a schedule and regular regime when you move around – wet, sweaty clothes and bustling smoggy cities aren’t the best ingredients.


So, arriving in Australia and to be settled was a great chance to get back into it and after the discoveries of Curious Columbus I found Harlow Hot Yoga and Pilates. Whilst I miss my Bikram and the community at Bikram Yoga Essex to get back into Hot Yoga feels great – and the teachers are all lovely as well as the setting – a trendy, retro, brick walled warehouse with subtle lighting and even fresh coconuts for sale.

The great thing about Yoga is no matter where you practice you always receive a welcoming attitude as opposed to Muay Thai which is usually a greeting of evil eyes and attitude, EXCEPT for one place – Koh Tao. Monsoon Gym have created an awesome gym and fight club that offers Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, Gladiator training and capoeira and all with a welcoming smile and friendly atmosphere.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and fun GETTING BACK TO IT!

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