Investment in your travels

Benefits of travelling

Travelling is an investment…

Even in a tough economy the benefits of travelling are endless and not only help in your personal development, but may help you find a new career path, provide a competitive edge for university placements and help you find yourself. Expanding horizons and the way we see the world is one of the biggest advantages of travel, and experiencing new destinations first hand is life changing. These experiences are regarded highly by both academics and professionals.

Main benefits of travelling

It begins with skills such as planning and preparation and as you embark on your journey you adopt new skills such as, independence, adaptation, decision-making and leadership qualities not to mentioned geographical awareness. As well as these important personal attributes you’ll also:

  1. See the world – develop new outlooks, experience new customs and activities, as well as get to see amazing new environments and habitats.
  2. Discover a new perspective on history – see the world from a different perspective.
  3. Explore a new culture – from tasting new cuisine, experiencing new traditions, as well as social interactions and differences in home-life.
  4. Develop new Language skills – whether you specifically go to develop your language skills or simply pick up a few words on the way, there is no doubt that travelling through a country is the best way to learn the local dialect.
  5. Gain Worldly experience – whether seeking employment or a university placement, both will look at this favourably due to your global outlook, wide perspective and international enrichment.
  6. Find new interests – from new sports to new activities, you’ll be sure to learn something new and no doubt fall in love with it, such as I did with Muay Thai.
  7. Make new friends – one of the greatest things with travel is the people that you meet on the way, and these will be lifelong friends that you share very special moments with.
  8. Develop new Ideas – recent articles have shown that creative thinking and ‘start-ups’ usually require candidates that have the ability to adapt, think and evolve rapidly, all of which are qualities people gain from travel.

Travel affects your thought process, opens your mind and can establish new pathways for potential careers.  As well as the personal development, upper hand on university placements, and ability to strengthen your CV, you get to explore the world first hand.

Make sure you invest in the right trip, as its an investment in your future!

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  1. Fernando Prudhomme

    Very true; traveling is an investment and few people don’t realize this because they don’t leave their comfort zone. Also, Frank, when you eat your food in whatever country you’re in, PRAY over your food before you eat: you NEVER KNOW what you may or may not be allergic to; also, people’s INTENT (spiritually speaking), if not the best, can also AFFECT YOUR HEALTH (spiritually). It doesn’t matter what religious philosophy or system you ascribe to; if none, pray to your higher SELF, for guidance…

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