Why am I different…

Why Am I Different?

Why Am I Different?

Why am I different? This is a story of my life, who I am and what I get up to…Enjoy and travel safe ;}

”Why am I different?’ started a few years ago for a book which is still a working progress but had to take a back seat whilst I setup Flooglebinder and ‘Why am I different? . However, this will give you an insight in to who I am, what I get up to and all the experiences that make me who I am today.

I was born in 1983 into a big Jewish community and whilst not religious, we certainly keep our traditions, which for us is about family, friends and obviously food. I took the science route and studied Marine Biology at Portsmouth University which was the start of my passion for travelling. After graduating I worked in sales and recruitment for 2 years until I could save enough for my first round the world trip, some of which you’ll discover here. The truth is, after returning I became hooked for travelling, meeting new people, exploring new cultures, tasting new foods and simply seeing the amazing things that this world has to offer. Once you get that kind of bug is very difficult to get rid of!

I don’t think I have ever been in the UK without a flight booked somewhere, although I did panic back in January 2013 as realised I had no flights booked, so within a few weeks had three return fares arranged within a week. My passion for travelling and sharing my adventures will never go and in pursuit of living this dream, me and a very good friend of mine, Ian, decided to setup a company to help others enjoy our experiences. Flooglebinder is about promoting sustainable travel to preserve these habitats for the future and help people travel with our trusted partners, all of which will be documented here.

Life is a funny journey and there are many different paths we can take, all I know is that I want to enjoy every minute of it, and share my adventures with you about ‘Why am I different?’ – and who knows maybe I’m not, maybe I’m the same as many, have similar thoughts, want similar things, or maybe I’m here to do something different – we’ll see. Enjoy my thoughts, enjoy my photos and enjoy my experiences, feel free to ask anything, and hopefully I’ll see you out there on this exciting journey.

Travel Safe ;}


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  1. Tharik Hussain

    Hey Brad I found you through the under 1000 list and have just followed you from @_TharikHussain on Twitter and subscribed here. Please support me back by also liking/following as well as subscribing to my blog http://www.thewanderingmusulman.wordpress.com Thanks and looking forward to learning about your journeys and the (dreaded) book – I’m exactly where you are on that one dude! Some great stuff here and will be back. All the best and thanks in advance for the support!

  2. Jeanette Reynolds

    Hi Brad, I think it is pretty Awesome that you are a Marine Biologist. That was what I have wanted to be since I was in Elementary school. I however have been through a whole lot of health issues since my Senior year of High School and have kind of changed my Career goals… I want to somehow incorporate Marine Biology and Therapeutic Recreation together and have it be more of a Dolphin Therapy type Career. I just need to get healthy enough first in order to do that. Anyway, I just thought/think that it is pretty cool that you are a Marine Biologist. I hope you have a Great rest of your day/evening…I am not sure where you are or I forget. I hope to hear back from you sometime soon.

    • Brad Frankel

      Hi Jeanette, sorry to hear about the health issues and hope all is ok now, what are you currently doing at the moment? I’ve not worked with many dolphin projects so wouldn’t be able to offer you the best advice on this area. I did come across a swimming rehabilitation centre in Sri Lanka for dogs, if you ever venture that way 😉 Our marine programmes with http://www.flooglebinder.co.uk are based in Thailand and Borneo so would be more than happy to help if i can with either of these programmes. Thank you for getting in touch and I wish you all the best. please feel free to contact me if i can be of any further assistance. Take care, Brad

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