7 Things About Travel Your Boss Wants To Know

7 Things About Travel Your Boss Wants To Know

7 Things About Travel Your Boss Wants To Know

Qualifications are great but do you have the right experience to match it? How will you compete against others when it comes to looking for a job? Here are our top 7 skills that will set you apart from the crowd and the destinations to achieve them. Check out the images below for each location!

Top 7 skills that will help you stand out from the crowd:

1.Planning and organisation – A pre-requisite in the professional world and something you’ll become very good at through your travels. By planing your trip abroad and looking for the right volunteering project, you’ll develop a range of transferable skills that will be vital in the workplace. The only difference is, if you miss a bus, book the wrong hostel or budget incorrectly, you wont get fired, you’ll just learn a valuable lesson and there’s no better place to do this, than Borneo!

2. Time Management – Using your time effectively at work is one of the best attributes you can develop, and sure to set you on the right track for the management route. From setting key goals, targets and tasks, all of these will be completed efficiently if you manage your time. Now, whilst our travels can usually allow us to NOT stick to the clock, good time management skills will ensure that you get to places efficiently, see everything you want and not miss that flight home. And, if you really want to test yourself then India is the place to do it.

3. Decision Making – Now, whilst you’ve been working on your Planning, Organisation and Time Management, things don’t always go to plan and its how you deal with these situations that will set you apart. In the work place its the difference between the workers and the leaders, and your ability to make decisions under pressure will certainly help with your career. Whilst travelling these decisions are usually enjoyable but once again ensure that you learn from these experiences. I would say Sri Lanka is the best place to test your decision making as whether you stay for another safari or hit the beach to surf, is a tough one!

4. Social Skills – The key to most businesses are relationships and your ability to form these, and maintain them, will be fundamental to your success in the professional world. There is no better way to develop this attribute than through travel. From long bus journeys through the night to sunrise flights and delayed departures; remote villages and rural communities to bustling hostels and vibrant cities, Thailand is certainly the place to better your social skills.

5. Languages and Communication – Firstly, if you’re here reading this blog you certainly enjoy to travel and that means an international career within the travel and tourism industry, could well be on the cards. Another language under your belt will certainly set you apart and whilst you may not have the time to pick up the local lingo, it still shows your ability to connect with others, learn and most importantly listen, which is key in the work place. Have fun trying this in Vietnam and just make sure that you order the right food on the menu.

6. Adaptability – As we’ve mentioned you can Plan and Prepare as much as possible, Manage your Time and even Make the Right Decisions BUT things still don’t always go to plan, both when travelling and in the professional world. Whilst it can be frustrating in both situations you’ll usually look back and laugh at the travel stories but the work situations might not be as enjoyable. So through your travel adventures make sure that you learn from the experience and are able to adapt quickly and be responsive to any unplanned changes. Its been a very tough year in Nepal, so just think about the kind of challenges and changes they have had to adapt to.

7.Confidence – Once you find the right job and are sitting in front of your potential new employer, its not only your ability, qualifications and experience that will secure you the position but the confidence to prove that you can do it better than anyone else. Through travelling, you test your levels of confidence all the time as you find yourself in an array of weird and wonderful situations, one of which may be when you’re starring in the face of a Lion in South Africa.

Make sure that when you plan your next trip, you give yourself the opportunity to develop a range of wider key skills, that will not only help you with your career but will ensure that you have the trip of a lifetime!

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